contains works that are useful as well as objects that are amusing. Or both..


Acorns made from glass in a kiln casting process that involves casting and the burning out of organic substance. Afterwards the hollow form is filled with glass and refired.


Magnolia Seed Pods created with an technique known as "lost wax casting" where the first step is making a mold off of the original seed pod. Then filling the cavity with wax and removing it from the flexible mold. Afterwards the wax is encased in hydrocal plaster and melted out. Again the cavity is filled - only this time with glass. The filled form is then fired at high temperatures to allow the glass to melt into all the crevices. After annealling the glass is removed from its form, cleaned up and polished.

This is a very time consuming process but I think it's definitely worth the effort.


Glass lids formed through slumping over an custom made form and decorated with beads or cast organic objects.


An Online Shop is in progress. Objects can presently be ordered via email. Let me know what you would like and I'll be more than happy to send it to you! Browse and enjoy!


© By Bettina K. Schneider

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