As conservator and restorer of glass and historic chandeliers I am bound to history and the protection of historic artifacts. For the past 25 years I have been working with glass – as an artist as well as a restorer – and I am still excited and passionate about the possibilities the material itself offers.

So, to find a venue for my creative streak I started my own label:


Betty Chicago


The idea behind it, is to create objects that are beautiful and inspiring to have around. In a nutshell -

I design and make things. These objects are all hand-made in Germany, in a small but very efficient studio, located in Berlin. Knowledge, creativity and experimentation are the foundations that this studio is built on.


Aside from recycled / upcycled objects I also design and shape lids, dishes, bowls, vases, lamps and anything else that comes to mind! Wood and metal often complement glass forms so I really enjoy combining materials to make unique artworks.


Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance in implementing your ideas or if you would like something customized.


If you're interested in purchasing a piece please just contact me and I'll be more than happy to sell and ship it to you! Pricing is visible when viewing the pieces.


Also check my restoration website

if you have other needs concerning:


  • Chandelier Restoration

  • Collection Management & Assessment Consultation  

  • Vesselglassrepair



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Fusing & Kiln Casting Im Glas Atelier
Glasfusing im Glasstudio / Glas Atelier
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Lampen im Glasstudio & Glas Atelier
Kiln Casting & Fusing

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